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Veteran Administration (VA) Streamline

Toward the end of World War II, the Veteran Administration Loan made its debut. After, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the GI Bill in 1944, the act which had been made active provided veterans with a federally guaranteed home without the requirement of a down payment.

The VA loan was designed to extend housing and assistance to veterans and their families. Consequently, for millions of veterans, the dream of owing a home was actualized. More than any other program in history, the GI Bill contributed to the welfare of veterans and the growth of the America's economy.

The VA Loan can be employed by over 25 million veterans and service personnel who meet the prerequisites of the VA financing terms. In order to be eligible for the specialized loan, a Veteran must serve in active duty and be discharged without any dishonorable attachments, after a minimum of 90 days of continuous service during wartime or the minimum requirement of 181 continuous days during peacetime. Note: For veterans enlisted after September 7, 1980, there is a mandate of a two-year service requirement. For reservists and National guards, a six-year requirement is in place.

In what amounts can veterans receive loans? Veterans and army personnel are guaranteed a loan value sum of up to $89,912 or a guaranteed maximum of 25 percent of a home loan. As a result, the maximum loan amount is capped at $359,650.

Veterans may borrow either the purchase price or the assessed value of the property (or the lower of the two,) in addition to, the funding fee. However, it is important to point out that all veterans do not automatically qualify for the VA loan program. Hence, veterans must apply to determine their eligibility status. As guaranteed loans made to qualified veterans are originated by private lending sources, i.e., banks, savings and loans and | financial lending institutions, it is mandated that the borrower actually be the intended occupant of the residence as opposed to attempting to secure funds for someone else.