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Home Improvement

Aside from buying a new home, American homeowners are giving their home an extreme makeover per se, in the name of home improvement. While most people have their ideal of what makes their domicile a dream, there are some basic home improvement trends across the country. For many Americans living the dream, the median age of a residential property is 15 years. Characteristically, these same homes embody four bedrooms with two full powder rooms and one fireplace.

Alternatively, for the homeowners who are not satisfied with their living quarters, the home improvement marketplace affords many nouveau housing amenities. For example, in a recent American survey regarding home improvements, the following housing reconstructions topped the charts:

• Living rooms

• Garages

• Extra powder rooms and bathrooms

Out of the American respondents who participated in the survey, laundry rooms were rated as "very important" by over 70 percent of the participants. Moreover, 75 percent of the homeowners were pleased with their residency’s age and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Another 60 percent were more than satisfied with their property's size. Other interesting home improvement findings include the following:

• Fifty percent of recent homebuyers report they repainted the interior of their residence soon after moving in to the new home.

• Twenty percent plan to wallpaper or repaint or wallpaper the interior, purchase new window treatments or modernized landscaping

• Bathroom remodeling plans were popular home improvement plans amongst 20 percent of the novice homebuyers.

• Over 30 percent upgraded their landscaping.

• In the next two years, 22 percent of first-time homebuyers plan to remodel their kitchen

• On the not-so-popular home improvement list were second bedroom suites, exercise rooms, media rooms, and attic renovations.