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FHA Streamline

Aside from protecting the freedoms of Americans, the Federal Government has its hand in sponsoring a viable mortgage program called FHA Mortgages. The Federal Housing Administration is a division or sect of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Since its establishment in 1934, it has owned, managed and operated as a corporation designed to improve housing standards for persons of all income levels.

The fundamental objective of the FHA is to make adequate residential financing programs accessible to all people while, simultaneously, stabilizing the mortgage industry. For the first time home buyer, an FHA mortgage is a widely available option. Yet, the FHA program is not strictly limited to first time home buyers. In fact, second, third and even fourth time homebuyers can purchase housing properties with FHA-approved loans.

Over the years since its inception, FHA mortgage programs have helped millions of Americans throughout the country purchase a home. Accordingly, homeownership has escalated in America to a present-day high whereby more than 67 percent of the population owns their own home. Although the FHA program is primarily geared toward borrowers who have little or no money for a down payment toward their home, first time home buyers, consumers with tarnished credit histories and minority borrowers, can also greatly benefit from the services they have to offer.

Notably, FHA mortgages are available for the following housing properties styles:

• One-family residence

• Condominium units; and,

• Two, three, and four-unit properties

• Homes requiring rehabilitation

Verisimilar to the workings of mainstream mortgage products, the FHA/HUD mortgages vary and may be structured to carry specific terms. To illustrate, FHA come in the following lending products:

• Adjustable rate mortgages

• Fixed-rate with level payment mortgages

• Graduated payment mortgages

• Growing equity mortgages

The FHA mortgage application process also works similarly to conventional ones whereby you first select the type of housing in which you are most interested, you next gather up your financial documentation and then you meet with an FHA lender who can outline your options and start you on the trek to becoming a home owner.