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Despite a well-publicized boom that's been driving the national real estate market to set practically unprecedented sales records over the last few years, there are still prospective housing-consumers who mistakenly believe that a pitch perfect credit history and debt ratio is the one and only prerequisite that can give them access to the lowest possible mortgage loan interest rates, down payments and new home closing costs. A belief that's caused and is still causing far too large a segment of American society to pass up opportunities that take advantage of the escalating national home-ownership trend. To learn more, call a live agent at They are standing by and specialize in finding Chicago homes, Chicago condos, and more information on Chicago real estate.

What's worse is that, in reality, it is truly one of the somewhat rare Home mortgage industry stereotypes that's reasonably far from the state of affair's literal truth.

The average potential first time mortgage loan borrower preparing to embark on the thorny path to a new home, burdened with either a less than pristine credit rating or a seemingly inordinate amount of credit debt, in point of fact, represents a rather limited risk figure to the vast majority of the nation's well regarded home lending institutions, simply because of the peace of mind inherent in extending financing to a completely 'fixed in place asset' such as one the growing number of gentrification-friendly urban loft spaces or new-construction condominiums or a suburban or neighborhood family homes.

Numerous consumers actually come to regard the home-ownership process as a far less bumpy road than the path to many comparatively inexpensive new car loans.

Even so, especially when bearing in mind that there are presently well over seven-trillion-dollars worth of still outstanding mortgage loan debt resting in the hands of uneasy brokerages'including not only lending giants such as Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) and Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) but a multitude of smaller mortgage firms such as Countrywide Financial or The Ameriquest Mortgage Company as well, anyone considering a new home loan would be well-advised to do so carefully.

The near impenetrable level of complexity a number as massive as seven-trillion dictates, both in terms of sheer diversity of mortgage lender and mortgage lending options and the regrettable inundation of the housing loan markets by overtly rapacious lending practices has given birth to a completely understandable wave of inherent institutional wariness. For prospective borrowers, the aforementioned factors have been translated into a residential real estate market virtually overrun with so many potentially predatory lenders, scandals and credit or dept scam artists that respectable lenders are reticent to trust too easily.

Consumers obviously require assistance in their attempts to get a better handle on the circumstances most likely to lead to lower Home Mortgage Interest Rates and increased residential lending alternatives and Mortgage Elf was both designed and built to provide it. We'll do our best to provide justifiably concerned prime to sub-prime lending rate shoppers with an assortment of easily understood informational-guides that'll certainly make the uncertainty-riddled process of finding a new home, a brokerage and then applying for a mortgage loan just a little easier.

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