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Full Spectrum Lending

Among sub-prime mortgage providers, Full Spectrum, a subsidiary of the Countrywide Financial Corporation, is recognized as a leader in the mortgage industry. Since 1969, Countrywide Financial Corporation, the sub-prime lender’s parent company, has been approving and processing mortgages. And just like its parental unit, Full Spectrum is an Equal Housing Lender.

As a premier mortgage provider, Full Spectrum Lending is geared toward the mortgage consumer who possesses tarnished or impaired credit ratings.

For the person who has been turned away or denied credit, the lending agency streamlines the lending process. Full Spectrum’s consumer-driven process operates in the following manner; they extend an incentive offer which entails discounts once the borrower has completed a series of online mortgage applications. Note: The special price is automatically applied as a credit to the closing costs.

The underlying value of Full Spectrum Lending’s is that there is no associated application fee for completing a mortgage request form. Moreover, as, for the most part, Full Spectrum specializes in providing loans to those persons whom are viewed as being credit-challenged, the company has completely eliminated out-of- pocket expenses.

A second redeeming quality about the company is that the loan process transpires in an extremely straightforward manner. Simply put, the pared down steps involve a loan counselor who meets with the potential borrower to a) determine and b) calculate his | her borrowing power. Next, the loan counselor customizes a lending plan which matches the borrower’s life plans and financial circumstances. After the loan is approved, all that is then required is that the home loan be underwritten by Full Spectrum and then traverse through the official closing phase.

True to its name, Full Spectrum Lending, a full-service shop, offers such lending products as second mortgages, cash-out refinancing, home equity, as well as, additional creative financing tools.