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Chase Manhattan Bank

Despite its rickety reputation in the mortgage industry in the late 1990s, Chase Manhattan has managed to upgrade its offerings of service by streamlining its operations and, subsequently, improving upon its customer communications.

Since July of 2004 when the mortgage mogul was acquisitioned by JP Morgan, Chase Manhattan is now touting a new brand identity. Very similar to an Extreme Makeover, per se, the global financial industrialist has broadened its holdings to offer the following deluxe banking and financial services:

Credit card (transaction device)

Retail banking

Middle market

Mid-corporate banking

Home financing

Vehicle financing

Small business

After the final details are completed, Chase Manhattan, through 2,300 branches in 17 states, will ultimately service approximately 850,000 small businesses and 31,000 commercial properties. Moreover, in the universal sense, Chase will continue to service 87 million credit cards. With Chase Manhattan�s new and improved brand identity, American consumers can be assured that the mortgage company plans to continue its practice of offering loans at the lowest possible interest rates.

The upgrades in Chase Manhattan Bank are apparent in the more direct manner in which associates are able to solidify loans. For example, when a mortgage professional of Chase contacts a prospective borrower, as long as the home loan consumer is able to qualify for a specific interest rate, he | she has the option of locking in the rate at the very moment, directly over the phone.

And not satisfied yet, Chase Manhattan Bank strives on a daily basis to present more options than other lenders. For instance, should a residential loan customer believe their rates are going to go down, he | she can request that Chase Manhattan Bank float their rate. In the point department, Chase Manhattan allows a borrower the option of buying down their interest rate or paying less in points as a trade-off for a higher interest rate.

Chase Manhattan enables the inverse relationship between points and interest rates to be at the home loan shopper�s discretion. In simplified terms, Chase offers American homeowners the option of making their own choices to simplify mortgage financing.

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