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AmeriQuest Mortgage

In 1980, a mortgage institution was born and named, Long Beach Savings and Loan. Over 20 years later, the small savings and loan company is an industrialist in the world of home loan financing. The company made a name and brand identity upgrade in 1997, when they changed the name of their company to AmeriQuest Mortgage Company. Since the lending mogul’s inception, they have serviced, processed and originated billions of dollars in mortgage loans. Recognized by both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, AmeriQuest is approved as both a servicer and seller of the lending products.

As potential borrowers have already shown they know that it takes hard work, sacrifice and dedication in order to succeed. At AmeriQuest Mortgage Company, they respect the commitment and achievement while, at the same time, understand there are also times when even the most responsible of persons can benefit from outside assistance. The role then of AmeriQuest Mortgage Company is to provide this support and financial assistance.

As originators and servicers of billions of dollars in mortgage loans, AmeriQuest Mortgage Company is approved of as both a seller and a service provider of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In addition, they are recognized as a non-supervised mortgagee of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In just about every city of America, AmeriQuest originates loans. The few exceptions of areas in which the lending giant does not service home loan customers are: Virginia, the District of Columbia, West Virginia and New Mexico. The mortgage financing firm credits its success to the following factors: their simple lending programs, non-complicated qualification requirements, affordable mortgage rates and equally affordable processing fees.

The ease of acquiring an AmeriQuest mortgage requires virtually as little time as 24 hours, for within this period of time, one can literally complete the entire pre-qualification phase. Moreover, home loans at AmeriQuest do not take months to process; instead they take only a couple of days, at most, a few weeks to close.